IT-Defense 2020Deploying Whitelisting in an Enterprise

Deploying Whitelisting in an Enterprise

Instructors:Sami Laiho

Duration: 1 day

"In 2019 the most important security measure in enterprises is whitelisting" says Gartner and multiple other agencies. In Windows this means you need to implement AppLocker. Join this workshop where one of the leading experts in Windows OS and Security, Sami Laiho, shows you how to effectively and securely deploy AppLocker in your environment. Sami has deployed AppLocker for tens of companies ranging from one-man to 500000 seat companies. You will learn how to run the project, how to manage AppLocker and how to keep it secure. You will also receive prebuilt, pre-hardened configurations that you can use at your own company. Even if you do not have Enterprise but only Pro version of Windows, or if you want to deploy the new Windows Defender Application Control, you can apply this knowledge.

You will learn:

  • How whitelisting works
  • How to implement whitelisting
  • How to manage whitelisting
  • How to troubleshoot whitelisting

Price: € 1,000

Date: February 4, 2020

The training is conducted in English.
You will receive CPE Points for participating in the training. The training takes 8 hours. You will get a certificate after having completed the training.

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