IT-Defense 2020Presentations

Presentations – IT-DEFENSE 2020

There is always something new – Update obligations and the information security law – Prof. Dr. Thomas Hoeren

One of the big challenges of the digital economy is the security of information technology. New guidelines and laws are introduced time and again. The European Union, for instance, has passed several regulations on the obligation to install updates and on improving data security, whose outlines are anything but clear. Furthermore, the new information security law imposes numerous requirements, which will be discussed in this presentation.

Star Trek: How technical visions become reality – Dr. Hubert Zitt

When Captain Kirk of the starship Enterprise flipped open his communicator at the end of the 1960s, probably nobody imagined that this device would inspire the development of mobile phones 30 years later. Some of these visions of the science fiction authors from the late 20th century have long since become reality today.

How good are or were those visions of the authors of Star Trek regarding man-machine interaction? The touchscreen has already made its way into everyday life. What are the real changes of us being able to speak with computers in the future? And will our generation perhaps be the last that has to learn foreign languages, because soon everyone will carry a universal translator in his or her pocket? Will we in future spend our spare time in a holodeck instead of in front of the TV and interactively participate in what is happening?

In this presentation, the visions of Star Trek will be compared with today’s state of science and technology in both serious and funny ways.

Securing Windows in 2019 and Forward – Sami Laiho

In year 2018 the number of malware per day did not increase for the first time in years. On the other hand the amount of money lost because of malware and security breaches more than doubled. The biggest threat to people is currently ransomware, cryptominers and loss of credentials. Join this session to hear one of the worlds leading security professionals, Sami Laiho, give his predictions on security in 2019 and forward, and what Windows can do to protect you in the all the time evolving cybersecurity landscape.

Consent, Alignment, and Cooperation in the Internet Era – Paul Vixie

Much of the spectrum of human action and human custom translates more or less obviously from the real world ("meat space") into the Internet ("cyber space"). Yet, some pieces of the human puzzle do not have an obvious place in the Internet game board, and this has wrought unconsidered change to human society through its digital nervous system, the Internet. Is this merely the post-Westphalia era, or as many claim, the post-national era? Let's discuss.

Vulnerable Out of the Box - Evaluation of Android Carrier Devices - Ryan Johnson & Angelos Stavrou

Android devices contain pre-installed apps to provide inherent functionality. Pre-installed apps present an attractive target to attackers due to their privileged position and extensive capabilities. This threat is not limited to the theoretical domain as various pre-installed apps have contained design flaws that exposed the end-user to significant risk. Therefore, pre-installed apps warrant additional scrutiny in order to detect capability leaks and adversarial threats in the supply chain. To address the substantial volume of Android vendor firmware images that contain the pre-installed apps, we propose proactively scanning them for vulnerabilities prior to live deployment. We will present some real-world use cases demonstrating the threat to the end-user. As part of our presentation, we will also demonstrate how automated analysis of pre-installed Android apps can help identify potential risks and help mitigate them. Over the past couple of years, Kryptowire was able to identify and report more than 150 CVEs in the Android ecosystem indicating the extent of the problem of software analysis and verification for mobile telecommunication companies, chipset vendors, and device manufacturers.