IT-Defense 2023Joshua Tiago (Kopie 1)

Joshua Tiago

Managing Consultant

After having completed his training as an industrial electronics technician, he acquired the title "certified engineer" in the field of electrical engineering with a focus on information technology.

From 2005 to 2010 he worked as a software development engineer for database-driven web applications and other web technologies. Back then, security aspects had already played a vital role in his work. He acquired profound knowledge of various programming languages (PHP, ASP.NET, C#). Another focus of his job was the source code analysis of web applications.

Joshua Tiago has been working as a consultant at cirosec since 2011, further improving his skills in the fields of security assessments and penetration tests of web applications in numerous projects and conducting source code analyses. Moreover, he develops secure coding guidelines for web applications.
He also advises developers and IT architects on the proper implementation of cryptographic algorithms, and he carries out projects in the reverse-engineering field. Furthermore, Joshua Tiago is one of the instructors of the cirosec trainings. He is the author of several professional articles, which have been published in magazines like iX.