IT-Defense 2023Round Tables

Round Tables

When it comes to a specialist conference, it is not only the lecturers' quality that matters but it is also important to exchange experiences with other participants who are in similar positions  and deal with similar issues. IT-Defense offers a clear framework to discuss security issues and topics with other participating security experts. 

Participants can discuss their own problems and other profound issues in small groups. For this purpose, IT-Defense lecturers serve as moderators; however, it is also possible to form individual groups on specific subjects.

Simultaneous round-table discussions will be available on Friday, February 10, 2023.

Round Table eBPF – A Double-Edged Sword – Carsten Strotmann

The “extended Berkeley Packet Filter/Framework” (eBPF) provides deep insights into how programs and the Linux kernel work. Together we will have a practical look at eBPF in this round table, discover existing eBPF programs, and create our own programs (using the “C” and “bpftrace” languages). Every participant will be furnished with a virtual Linux system with eBPF on the Internet (access via SSH or browser) where they can make their first practical steps using eBPF.

Hybrid Warfare - Analysis of the Russian Cyberattacks and the Threat for the West - Volker Kozok

Current attacks are presented in this round table following a brief introduction into the Russian cyber capabilities. In a discussion we will then talk about the following questions:

  • How resilient is the West to cyberattacks?
  • Are we controlling the narratives or are the narratives controlling us? How “information warfare” works in Germany.
  • Is our cybersecurity sufficient even in case of a failure of critical infrastructures?

What are high security locks and why some of them are not so secure as we might think? - Han Fey

In this round table, participants will have to discover themselves weakspots and flaws in several high-security locks.

Weapons Inspections 101 – Jayson E. Street

This round table we will see the ease of turning everyday items into weapons of mass pwnage! We will look at the arms dealers who peddle these dangerous devices with zero regulation! Like Alibaba, Wish, eBay, Amazon, Hak5, Hacker Warehouse, etc. We will also see firsthand some of these tools in action that Jayson brought with him. We will use these demos to show the importance of maintaining situational awareness in your workplace. Because you never know when the next attacker you face is one bringing in the big ones!

Surveillance Is Everywhere – from Chat Control to Data Retention – Joerg Heidrich & Dr. Christoph Wegener

Currently, there is a real trend towards government surveillance of citizens again. Whether in the context of chat control, expanding the authority of intelligence agencies or by means of data retention: how citizens behave on the Internet is supposed to be monitored in numerous places.

In this round table we will present current plans and implementation ideas and critically question them, and we will discuss with the audience whether and how much surveillance is required at all.