IT-Defense 2023Malware and Ransomware – Background, Detection, Protection

Malware and Ransomware – Background, Detection, Protection

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Instructor: Stefan Strobel, cirosec GmbH

Duration: 1 day

Malware and ransomware have become an omnipresent threat. An increasing number of companies is affected by such an attack; their data is held for ransom, and they are unable to work.

This training will provide knowledge of the attackers, their techniques and approaches, so that you can protect yourself effectively and detect attacks early on.

Looking back at the most important incidents in recent years, we will explain the different mechanisms of infection, the steps to spread malware or ransomware, the backgrounds and attacker groups.

Following this, the trainer will present and evaluate strategies and techniques to prevent incidents, including both the reasonable use of the tools supplied with Windows and of typical gateways as well as strategies such as zero trust. In addition, concepts and techniques for an early detection of attacks and infections are explained, and the role CERTs, SOCs and SIEM solutions play in combination with the business models and outsourcing options relevant today are differentiated from one another.

Finally, specific examples will be used to illustrate technically how typical malware samples work. You will experience how malware tries to bypass security features and how it can be analyzed.

In this training, the participants will not only learn concrete technical measures but also how to approach the creation of malware protection concepts.

Target group:
Security managers, administrators, SOC members, CERTs

Basic IT knowledge; knowledge of attacking possibilities and hacking techniques is an advantage

€ 1.000

Date: February 7, 2023

Hyatt Regency Mainz
Malakoff-Terrasse 1
55116 Mainz