IT-Defense 2025Trainings


We offer you four different trainings on the two days before the main conference starts.

The training "Malware and Ransomware – Background, Detection, Protection" will provide knowledge of the attackers, their techniques and approaches, so that you can protect yourself effectively and detect attacks early on.

The one-day training “Incident Handling & Response” by cirosec consultant Joshua Tiago presents the latest methods of incident handling and incident response.

This two-day version of our “Hacking and Hardening of Windows Infrastructures” training covers the security of Windows infrastructures as they are typically operated in corporate networks today. The focus will be on the use of Microsoft’s directory service Active Directory.

This comprehensive two-days masterclass training “System Forensics, Incident Handling and Threat Hunting with Entra ID Managementequips participants with the essential skills to effectively find, collect and preserve data, analyze incidents and maximize their understanding of cybersecurity events. The course is designed to be highly interactive and hands-on, providing in-depth knowledge across several critical areas.