IT-Defense 2025Round Tables

Round Tables

When it comes to a specialist conference, it is not only the lecturers' quality that matters but it is also important to exchange experiences with other participants who are in similar positions  and deal with similar issues. IT-Defense offers a clear framework to discuss security issues and topics with other participating security experts. 

Participants can discuss their own problems and other profound issues in small groups. For this purpose, IT-Defense lecturers serve as moderators; however, it is also possible to form individual groups on specific subjects.

Simultaneous round-table discussions will be available on Friday, February 14, 2025.

SAP Cyber Security 101 – Andreas Wiegenstein & Xu Jia

In many companies, we have seen that the CISOs and security officers do not have any or much knowledge of SAP. This is why the topic of SAP security is often underrated. This round table is a highly compact crash course for SAP security. It is aimed at everyone who wants to gain an insight into important basics of SAP technologies. Don’t worry, you will only feel dizzy for about 20 minutes afterwards …

Operation Endgame – Volker Kozok and Dirk Kunze

In this round table, we will present operation Endgame. Analysis and evaluation will provide you with an insight into the offenders’ procedure, the tools used and the consequences for the victims. A short description of the procedure of investigating authorities will follow as well as a discussion about effective incident management.