IT-Defense 2019Directions


The Maritim Hotel Stuttgart is situated in the centre of the city nearby the main railway station and has a direct access to the Kultur- und Kongresszentrum Liederhalle.

By car
Environmental badge obligatory for green zones in Germany also for foreigners! Purchase your badge prior to your visit to Germany! Vehicles without environmental badge may not pass through the green zone, otherwise a penalty of 40 € and a penalty point in Flensburg impend. This is also valid for all vehicles registered in foreign countries, like cars, trucks, and busses, as well as for business travellers and for tourists. For this reason, it is recommended, that all drivers seek further information about the environmental badges well in advance, and purchase it on time. For further information, please contact the hotel.

By Public transportation
From airport: S2 in direction to "Schorndorf" or S13 in direction to "Kircheim (T)" to stop "Stadtmitte" (Rotebühlplatz), there take tramway U14 in direction to "Neckargröningen Remseck"
to stop "Berliner Platz" (Hohe Straße)
From main station: tramway U29 in direction to "Botnang" to stop "Berliner Platz" (Liederhalle) or tramway U14 in direction to "Heslach Vogelrain" to stop "Berliner Platz" (Liederhalle)