Program Agenda


Monday, February 13, 2017
09:00 am 

Training Hardening and Secure Configuration – Special Edition
Training Windows Security

Tuesday, February 14, 2017
09:00 am Training Hardening and Secure Configuration – Special Edition
Training Windows Security
up to 07:00 pm Reception and welcome
Wednesday, February 15, 2017
09:00 am Welcome from Stefan Strobel, CEO cirosec GmbH
09:15 am Why Windows OS Gets Hacked
Sami Laiho
10:15 amBreak
10:45 amThe Smart Fuzzer Revolution
Dan Guido
11:45 amHow to Build Hardware Trojans
Christof Paar
12:45 pm Lunch
02:00 pm Surveillance & cryptography
Jaya Baloo
03:00 pmBreak
03:15 pmExploit Kits - What Happens When Kits Disappear
Nick Biasini
04:15 pm Break
04:45 pmThe Jalapeño Strategy
Prof. Dr. Jens Weidner
05:45 pmEnd of the first conference day
06:30 pm Berlin Evening
At the end of the first conference day, we will take the tram to Alexanderplatz, where we will learn more about the impressive history of Berlin during a guided tour through the historic center and visit numerous landmarks in the eastern city center. At Lemke Brewery, Berlin‘s first craft brewery, we will conclude the evening with tasty food and home-brewed beers.         
Thursday, February 16, 2017
09:00 amThe Future Has Arrived and it’s Effin’ Hilarious!
Adam Laurie
10:00 amBreak
10:30 amCache-Side-Channel Attacks: CPU Design as a Security Problem
Anders Fogh
11:30 amRearchitecting a defendable internet
Halvar Flake
12:30 pm  Lunch
02:00 pmStrategies on securing your banks & enterprises (from someone who robs banks & enterprises)
Jayson E. Street
03:00 pmBreak
03:15 pmHidden Voice Commands
Tavish Vaidya
04:15 pm Break
04:45 pmInternational Terrorism
Jörg Ziercke
05:45 pmEnd of the second conference day
07:00 pmLive Experience: 60 Years of Computer Games History
In Europe’s first museum for computer games, we will embark on an entertaining journey through 60 years of cultural history of the games. More than 300 exhibits, rare originals such as the Pong machine, playable classics like Pac-Man, the arcade in the 80s style, playable original consoles from the culture of home video games and much more create the world of the playing human in the 21st century. We will then conclude the evening with a relaxed dinner at the historic Umspannwerk Ost situated nearby.
Friday, February 17, 2017
09:30 amRound Tables
11:00 amBreak
11:30 amRound Tables - continuation
01:00 pm Lunch
02:30 pmEnd of the event

The following Round Tables are available at the moment: