Hacking Extreme Countermeasures – Special Edition

Secure configuration and hardening of operating systems, applications servers and databases provide a solid basis for protection from attacks. Particularly when it comes to attacks on applications, these measures are essential. But also for system level vulnerabilities, it is usually not sufficient to rely just on firewalls.

After a brief introduction of the respective threat scenarios and methods of attack, the course shows how to harden and securely configure operating systems, application servers, web applications and databases. With a number of practical examples and exercises, the participants learn how to identify and remove typical vulnerabilities and which tools are available to help.

In addition to the current versions of Windows and Linux, the course also deals with Apache, typical Java application servers and databases as well as Web applications in general.

It also covers the effective use of supporting tools, such as Nessus, MBSA, application and database scanners and the basic use of Web Application Firewalls (WAFs).

In this intensive training, participants will be using notebooks so that they can apply the knowledge acquired in practical exercises. 

Target group:
Security managers and system administrators looking for effective ways to protect their systems and applications. Participants of our Hacking Extreme und Hacking Extreme Web Applications courses who want to learn about adequate protection options.

Basic knowledge in http and technologies such as network firewalls

Maximum number of participants:
15 persons

2,000 €

January 28th –29th 2013 – the two days before IT-Defense 2013

Information to our regular dates of the training "Hacking Extreme Countermeasures" and further Information you find here.

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