Round Tables

An important aspect of a specialist conference is not only the quality of the lecturers but also the exchange of experiences with other participants in similar positions and with similar problems. IT-Defense offers a clear framework for discussion with other participating security experts.

Participants can discuss their own problems and other in-depth issues in small groups. For this purpose IT-Defense lecturers are available as moderators, but spontaneous formation of individual groups on specific subjects is also possible.

Simultaneous round-table discussions are available on Friday, February 11th 2011.

Fixed round tables:

Volker Kozok and Christoph Wegener       Bulletproof Hosting 2011
Fabian Mihailowitsch   Detection of Hardware Keyloggers
Jeremiah Grossman   Website Security Statistics: 3 years and 10 reports -- what have learned?
Karsten Nohl   Make GSM accessible
Dino Dai Zovi   iOS Mobile Security in the Enterprise
Jörg Heidrich   Sicherheits- und Haftungsrisiken bei der Nutzung von Social Media im Unternehmen