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Volker Kozok

Volker Kozok is the chairman of the “Netzwerk für Cyber Intelligence e.V.” association and has been working in various positions as an IT security officer and technical officer in the German Federal Ministry of Defence at the German Armed Forces for more than 30 years. He is a proven cyber security expert, a trained security analyst and IT forensics expert, and he planned and conducted the first training courses for computer forensics, incident management and ethical hacking in the German Armed Forces.

He is a speaker at both national and international events, lecturing on cyber security topics, and he focuses on the “dark side of the Internet”, which includes the analysis of hacker attacks, cybercrime structures, advanced persistent threats and hybrid warfare.

He led the annual US study tour for 19 years, where cyber security experts of the German Armed Forces and of the industry exchanged views on cyber security with US offices and companies in a 14‑day trip in the United States.

He is the Conference Director of the “International Bulletproofhosting & Botnet Conference”, where leading cyber security experts from security authorities and the industry as well as research institutions and representatives from the hacker scene exchange views on threats and risks.