Stefan Strobel

Stefan Strobel, born in 1970, studied Medical Informatics at Heidelberg University and Intelligence Artificielle at LIA of the University of Savoie in Chambery, France.

Before and during his studies, he had already worked freelance for several IT companies. In 1995, he was one of the founders of Centaur Communication GmbH in Heilbronn, which was sold to the UK company Integralis in 1998, then became Articon-Integralis AG and later NTT Com Security.

At Centaur Communication GmbH, Stefan Strobel was responsible for successfully reorganizing the company to focus solely on IT security. He was the Head of Technology at IntegralisCentaur GmbH, and he designed and implemented some of the first and largest firewall environments used by multinational companies.

When the company was sold, he became Technical Development Director at IntegralisCentaur GmbH, and he was responsible for the selection and evaluation of new technologies and trends at Articon-Integralis AG.

Early in 2002, Stefan Strobel founded cirosec GmbH with some of his former colleagues, and he has been the company’s CEO ever since.

In addition to his regular work, he gives lectures at conferences on current IT security topics, trends, new technologies and security strategies, and he is responsible for the program of the IT-Defense Security Conference. Moreover, he has worked as a lecturer on IT security at different universities.

Stefan Strobel has more than 25 years of experience in consulting major companies with very high security requirements and in developing concepts and policies.

Moreover, he is the author of several technical books, which have been published in different languages, and he frequently publishes articles on IT security in specialist magazines.